Case Studies : Totally4Woman



“We are an online community for women “who weren’t born yesterday” – women with a story to tell and life experience, which counts no woman out. We are reaching out to “ordinary” women. No one is excluded – not even men if they have something interesting to say!”

Another interesting project was a website called Totally4Women, which was an existing website.

The design of a website’s navigation has a bigger impact on success or failure than almost any other factor. It affects traffic and search engine rankings as well as conversions and user-friendliness.

When we got this project the Totally4Women site was not targeted, and based on the input from the client, Double Eye recommended that content be targeted towards events (“what’s on”). We proposed a new site and importing all existing content and menus relating to events. The new site was then displayed as events with content that is related to the event(s) that you are looking at.

When tag(s) are selected, the site shows events related to those tags, along with related content based on commonality of tags.


In WordPress terms there are three relevant post types:

  1. Standard posts for content from the old site, as well as new content related to events
  2. Custom posts for venues, with additional attributes such as location and contact info
  3. Custom posts for events, with additional attributes such as date and selected venue


  1. Double Eye proposed to develop the application in two main phases.

Phase 1:

  1. Site design (WordPress theme and phpBB style selection)
  2. Ratifying the scope of work, e.g. agreeing on artwork needed for customisation and identifying changes to the theme
  3. Graphical design
  4. Customising the appearance e.g. adding colours and branding to the selected theme
  5. Creation of static mock-ups for e.g. Homepage, Related articles etc.
  6. Setup of a development environment
  7. Deployment of a visual prototype of the new site

Phase 2:

  1. Common customisation, e.g. tag hierarchies
  2. Creation of custom post types, e.g. venues and events
  3. Addition of plugins
  4. Front end implementation
  5. Related articles
  6. Site menu
  7. Content type menus
  8. Event type filter via category selector widget
  9. Location selector via Google Maps
  10. Tweaks and changes
  11. Live implementation
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