In a Nutshell

Our think activities are designed to clarify and articulate your vision; it’s where we turn ideas into projects. We conduct research, perform analysis, assess feasibility and document your requirements. It’s how we ensure our solutions can deliver real value and benefit to our clients businesses.

Assessment + Evaluation

In many projects you need to evaluate your current situation. You may have existing services, infrastructure, processes and relationships which must be taken into account. Our assessment and evaluation is about creating this picture. We employ numerous methods from simple heuristic evaluation to full onsite audits to ensure that we have the necessary input to design the solution that is optimal for your business.

Research + Analysis

Research often provides us with our greatest insights. We use it to develop project requirements and establish the best way to implement specific features. We’re highly skilled in stakeholder, target user and competitive analysis and employ numerous techniques including surveys, focus groups, workshops and one-on-one interviews.

Strategy Development

Simply put, strategy is knowing where you want to go and what you want to achieve. If you know this already, we will merely articulate it in an actionable form. If not, we will work with your key stakeholders using our proven DCI methodology to develop an appropriate online strategy for your business.

Roadmap Development

Working from your strategy, we will design a programme of work to enable you to achieve your objectives. We will define the projects you must undertake, the changes you must implement and the steps you must take to get to where you desire. We design our roadmaps to deliver business value early and to include high level project requirements to get you started right away.

Feasibility, Business Case + ROI

You may have just come up with a “killer application” or have an idea for a new service or enhancement to your website. It may be possible to develop, but is it feasible within the limits of the technology and does it bring quantifiable benefits to your business. Our expert advisory service will qualify the feasibility of your project prior to any major investment.

Solution Design

In solution design we take requirements and create a solution to meet them. It’s high level at this stage, but it allows us to view the solution in a holistic manner. What services will be offered? What must be developed? What technologies will be used? Who will run the services? How will the business support them? The purpose of solution design is to answer these questions and set the guidelines for development activities.

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What our clients are saying about us

Our experience in dealing with the people from Double-Eye, has always been professional and at the highest technical level. The ability to deliver on our project definition has been nothing but commendable.

We would like to thank the Double-Eye team and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Robert Sussman, Joint CEO,
Integr8 Group
- Tami Sussman, Marketing Director, Integr8 Group

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