Case Studies : The O2 Website

The O2 Website

The evaluation and subsequent redevelopment of The O2 website using the same graphical design but with a revised structure, data integration and completely new technology platform.
This cases study demonstrates our ability to take an existing website, enhance it and migrate it to a new technical infrastructure which is better aligned to the client’s business objectives.
Specifically it shows our capabilities in assessing the appropriate technology, re-architecting an existing website, integrating with 3rd-party providers (Ticketmaster and Vue cinemas) and development using Java, the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform and the Joomla Content Management System. The project also included the design of a resilient hosting architecture to ensure resilience and availability of the website.

The Context

The O2 is a entertainment complex in Greenwich which was opened in Summer of 2007 and has become both a popular destination within London as well as the “World’s Most Popular Venue”. The website is used as a source of information about The O2 as well as the primary channel for selling tickets for events at The O2.

The Objectives

The owners of The O2 needed a new website which would provide an enhanced user experience, lower the cost of ownership and greatly improve the efficiency of keeping the events listings and content up-to-date. Their existing website had been plagued by two key technology-oriented issues: Poor performance and reliability; and no 3rd-party data integration which necessitated the double-entry of event data.

The Process

Initially we worked closely with the client team and their incumbent agency to understand and qualify the key issues facing the operation and ongoing development of the website. Having assimilated all the information we recommended the redevelopment of the website on a more appropriate technological platform to include some fundamental structural and administration enhancements.

We developed a proposal approach and agreed a solution with the client team to include:

  1. Redevelopment of an enhanced website using the existing graphical design and layout but with key additions and improvements to the information architecture
  2. Modification of the URL structure to include SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs to optimise natural search performance
  3. The use of an industry standard Open Source technology platform to include Java and the Joomla content management system
  4. The direct integration of data feeds from both Ticketmaster and Vue Cinemas to facilitate the automation of event listings and subsequent links to book tickets
  5. The development of a system architecture which supported the hosting of the website on a scalable and resilient hosting platform. We recommended our partner Rackspace as the hosting provider to meet the business objectives of the client.

The redevelopment, testing and deployment were accomplished within 3 months from initiation to launch. The site was launched in December 2007 and has delivered on all the key objectives set out at the start of the project. Furthermore, the reliability of the site is now “fit for purpose” and the site is able to deal with the spikes in demand created by “onsales” of hot events.

√ Technical audit and recommendation
√ Technical architecture development
√ User experience design
√ Integration with 3rd-party systems
√ Technical Design & Development using LAMP (Linux, Apache, Java, MySQL and PHP)
√ Technical Development using the Joomla CMS platform

For this project we offered:

√ Maintenance
√ Support
√ Creation of their Brand Gallery
√ Creation of their Press Office

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