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Our design services are about creating solutions. It’s where we turn requirements into reality. We create prototypes, model user interfaces, develop content and design business processes. In fact we do whatever we need to design and  specify the solution to be delivered.

Solution Prototyping

We employ rapid prototyping methods, allowing us to quickly visualise, test and refine solutions before development starts. This proves invaluable for identifying and resolving issues, for testing new technologies, or for simply creating a model to gain stakeholder buy in. Our solution prototyping services will provide you with a great deal of insight and comfort about your eventual solution at the early stages of your project.

User Experience Design

The user experience, or user interface is a key part of your solution. It presents your organisation to the outside world and sets the tone for their interactions with you. Creating the right user experience can often mean the difference between success or failure. We have a strong track record in this area, creating experiences for both SME’s and million dollar brands alike. Our methods are user-centered, ensuring we design services in the way users would expect to use them.

Technical Architecture

As the key enabler, it is critical that the technology used and the way in which it is deployed both meets the requirements of the solution and fits seamlessly into your business. We therefore develop an architecture that complement your own technology strategy as well as meets the parameters of the project including budget, functionality, performance and security.

Information Architecture + Functional Design

Our information architecture & functional design services will determine how your service will work from the perspective of your users. We’ll determine how navigation will work, how content will be structured and how the user will interact with each feature / function of the service. Our methods are highly iterative, using wireframing techniques to visualise, review & revise until the optimum solution is found.

Graphic Design / Look + Feel

This component encapsulates the graphical design elements associated with your solution. From initial concepts for a homepage design, to typography and photography. The primary deliverables will be “Artwork” and a Style Guide which will govern the layouts and creation of assets during delivery of your solution.

Usability + Accessibility

We carry out usability tests of our work throughout the project and feed back the findings into our designs. This ensures that the solution will support users’ needs and reduce long-term user support costs. Accessibility is about allowing as many people as possible to access your content and services. We follow industry-standard guidelines for accessibility, carry out regular accessibility audits, and can provide training to ensure that standards of accessibility are maintained over the long term.

Content Development

Our content model will define every element of content required for the website or solution being designed. This includes both editorial as well as product and other “structured” data. In many cases the provision and updating of content is a substantial part of the “cost of ownership” of any interactive solution. For both transactional and information-based solutions we will consider the sources of product data and supporting content, and understand clearly how these will be maintained. This typically includes a combination of commissioning, data feeds and in-house creation.

Software Evaluation + Selection

The functional specification for your solution will define what is required from a software product or solution. If you do not already have an investment in appropriate technology or there is a reason to source additional technology, we are experienced in running a structured evaluation of available products and technologies to ensure that the technical platform on which your solution will be delivered is up to the job.

Bespoke Software Design

The functional specification may define features that cannot be achieved by packaged software products or components. This component of the solution design will specify which custom software elements need to be created and how this will be achieved.  Most of our projects involve storing information – content, product data and user profiles – in a database. This in turn may integrate with other sources of data. For example, your CRM system or a 3rd party data provider. This component deals with the design of the database structure and any associated data feeds in and out.

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Our experience in dealing with the people from Double-Eye, has always been professional and at the highest technical level. The ability to deliver on our project definition has been nothing but commendable.

We would like to thank the Double-Eye team and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Robert Sussman, Joint CEO,
Integr8 Group
- Tami Sussman, Marketing Director, Integr8 Group

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