Senior Android Developer


We are looking for Android developers with current Android development experience skills. A strong knowledge of OOP and its implementation in the Java programming language is required. Developers should have knowledge of Android development patterns, and deploying to Android devices (which us the Dalvik VM). Developers should be able to understand and implement activities and intents in Android. Developers should be able to design Android Screen in Android XML Layout language. The developer should be familiar with designing apps to support multiple screen resolutions, screen densities, layout and orientations.

The following skills will be beneficial to the applicant:

  • – Experience: Good working knowledge in the differences and targeting software for Android
    versions Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean
  • – Formats: JSON and XML
  • – Webservice: Using RESTful web services on Android
  • – Embedded RDBMS: Sqlite
  • – Web Skills: Programming with WebKit (WebView), Javascript and Jquery experience
  • – Native Langauge Experience: Android NDK, C, C++ programming languages

Closing date for applications: Open

Application Procedure: Please send an email to with a suitable cover letter in which you describe your competencies and experience in sufficient detail with reference to the requirements given above, and include a comprehensive CV.

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