Case Studies : Santam


Santam Website

Santam’s project was essentially an internal system allowing brokers to check the feasibility of a client’s insurance status.

The Context

With assets totalling more than R17 billion, a countrywide, world-class contact centre infrastructure, a thriving intermediary network and more than 650 000 policy holders, it’s no wonder that Santam is South Africa’s leading short-term insurer. Santam also holds business interests in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia, and we hold strategic investments in various companies within the insurance industry, including the subsidiary Santam Namibia Ltd.

The Objectives

The client needed a cross platform system that allows their brokers to do a feasibility study by asking the client a set of questions. Our program would then tell them whether or not that client was applicable for one of their insurance proposals.

The Process

Initially we worked closely with the client team and their incumbent agency to understand and qualify the key issues facing the operation and ongoing development of the website. Having assimilated all the information we recommended the redevelopment of the website on a more appropriate technological platform to include some fundamental structural and administration enhancements.

  1. Creating a Global search view
  2. Creating a workforce management view
  3. Create a Management data grid that allowed tasks to be be assigned to specific users
  4. Front end design
  5. Back end design and integration

The redevelopment, testing and deployment were accomplished within 3 months from initiation to launch.

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