Project Management

Project Management

In a Nutshell

We have the tools and processes needed to make sure your project is delivered on time, on budget and to the specification we have agreed with you.

PRINCE2 Methodology

If your business requirements are well understood from the outset and we are able to articulate the exact nature of the solution you require, then we will employ our PRINCE2 based project methodology. Prior to project kick-off we ensure all stages are planned and agreed with the client team and all risks are identified. As each stage is completed, the remaining stages and risks are reviewed and revised to ensure alignment with the outcomes of the previous stages.

Agile Methodology

Where your business requirements are still in the formative stages and/or there are many “unknowns” around your planned solution, we will recommend an Agile approach where we divide your project into fixed time-boxed sprints where we review the outcome following each time-box and plan the subsequent sprint. This approach delivers solution prototypes very early in the project and allow the requirements and solutions to evolve with the collaboration of cross-functional teams.

Successful Collaboration with you - the key to success

We prefer an interactive way of working, and welcome input and direction from our clients. Our design processes focus on visualising solutions in the early stages of development providing many opportunities for review and revisions. All project material is made available electronically via a dedicated project website.

Each project we undertake is assigned a dedicated project leader who takes overall responsibility for delivery and acts as a single point of contact for the client. The project leader will review and report progress on a agreed regular basis and resolve any issues which may arise.

Quality is of key importance to us and before project kick-off we will agree a deliverables schedule along with acceptance criteria. We subject all deliverables to an internal peer review process prior to release. For technical deliverables, a full test strategy is authored and agreed as part of our design activities.

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Our experience in dealing with the people from Double-Eye, has always been professional and at the highest technical level. The ability to deliver on our project definition has been nothing but commendable.

We would like to thank the Double-Eye team and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Robert Sussman, Joint CEO,
Integr8 Group
- Tami Sussman, Marketing Director, Integr8 Group

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