Case Studies :

Online community

career junction logo is a South African social networking site that brings together three leading search portals under one umbrella – namely CareerJunction (jobs), AutoJunction (cars) and PropertyJunction (properties).

Via, users are brought together in one interactive space, enabling them to access information, exchange ideas and share knowledge that will assist them in their searches, and even in their decisions about jobs, properties and cars.

The Context

Given the high volumes of traffic to the three search portals and the immense potential for knowledge sharing, Interactive Junction Holdings (IJH) wanted to create an online community for its users.

IJH did not have the capacity to take the project further in-house, but they knew that our team had previously developed a social platform very successfully, and thus had the knowledge required to build and manage the solution.

After ascertaining the requirements and scope of the project, we confirmed that we’d be able to provide an effective solution within the budget and deadline put forward by IJH. IJH was also very happy with the logical breakdown and project plan that we presented: We bound all three of the site’s elements (jobs, cars and properties) together in a seamless and well-integrated way.

The project was undertaken swiftly and efficiently as a collaboration between us and the staff at IJH. The first release was delivered within 3 months.

The Objective

The Objective of this project was to create a social platform via which users could interact, access useful articles and links, and share information. All three components of the site – namely jobs, autos and property – needed to be integrated in the solution in a user-friendly and logical manner.

It was essential to deliver the solution promptly, and within a specified budget.


One of the primary challenges of the project was establishing a way of working with the internal team at IJH to deliver the project successfully.

Another challenge was building infrastructure that was able to withstand the high volumes of traffic expected on the site. The challenge was to create a solution that did not only offer a great user experience, but which was also fast, responsive and functional – particularly in a world that is dominated by popular social networking sites.

The Outcome

The project was delivered ahead of schedule and below budget, and Interactive Junction Holdings attests to the very high quality of the solution. In fact, very few hours in the maintenance phase were actually required because, “Double Eye’s solutions never break,” according to General Manager of IJH, Marius Botha. Moreover, we managed all teams efficiently – including those that weren’t involved in the project – to facilitate the successful delivery of the project.

The success of the project has now led to more collaborations between the two companies, and we continue to work together to implement effective, enticing tech solutions under the umbrella.

Technology used

    – PHP
    – Yii Framework
    – Memcache
    – Sphinx Search Server
    – PosgreSQL
    – RabbitMQ
    – phpList
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