E-Commerce Solutions

With “e” for almost everything continually entering the mainstream of how the world interacts and transacts we have developed the skills and expertise to conceive, design and deliver solutions that work!

From standalone websites to fully integrated services across a range of media, our team has a proven track record of creating e-commerce solutions that make a difference.

We begin the journey of creating an e-commerce solution by understanding and articulating exactly what the proposition is to the end user and the business processes required to support this proposition:

For example, for a retailer wishing to sell products online… we need to consider what the range of products are, how will they be represented on the medium, are they competitively priced, what is the delivery promise to the customer, payment, customer service and so on. Once this is done, we can conceptualise and design a solution that will “convert” and create an effective (and profitable) e-commerce channel.

Contact us to find out how Double Eye can help your business create or improve your e-commerce capability.

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