Case Studies : Tallorders


Data storage and tokenization API

The data storage and tokenization service sends structured data to a secure vault, and stores and manages tokens associated with the data.

It can be used to manage:

  • Group of card credentials for a customer
  • Addresses associated with a customer
  • Payment credentials associated with a merchant

Along with the tokens it stores a reference to the secure vault where the data is stored:

  • NuBridge
  • Internal secure vault
  • Other third-party vault providers

The ability to store in an internal secure vault can be used for:

  • Testing, without incurring transaction costs associated with a third-party provider
  • Storing data which should be encrypted, but has no regulatory/statutory requirements to do so

Data storage and tokenization API

The data store can organize stored data into groups, and record the data type of the data, allowing it to be validated. It allows the follow types of data:

  • card details
  • addresses
  • merchant credentials
  • unstructured data
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