Case Studies : MacTelemetry


The MacTelemetry Website

“In collaboration with Euclid Analytics, we provide answers and insights for brick and mortar locations, just as web analytics do for e-commerce. Our cloud-based analytics service helps retailers quantify marketing’s offline impact, optimize store performance, and understand customer behavior. Our analysis helps retailers make smarter, data-driven decisions that attract, engage, and retain customers.”

An application that collects device presence data which is collected by wireless access points, custom data streams such as “revenue”, “marketing” and “location square meters” and process the data into sensible views, and then report on this data using client-specific metrics such as average transaction values for a given collection point.

Double Eye proposed via three main development deliverables:

Deliverable 1

√ Database design
√ Back-office administration application
√ Import of sample data to be used for application prototyping as well as the creation of importers for telemetry and location data
√ Creation of a sample reporting data dataset, and the creation of “Report 1” as specified by the client

Deliverable 2

√ Completion of the work done in Deliverable 1:
√ The installation of Supervisor
√ Collection of data
√ Setup of a specified live environment

Deliverable 3

√ Development of a customer frontend based on wireframes supplied by Mac Telemetry
√ Development done on agile principles, working closely and iteratively with Mac Telemetry to co-design the appearance of the application.
√ A feature complete HTML prototype is provided by Mac Telemetry, and Double Eye will add interactive functionality (programming) to the prototype
√ The HTML prototype is collaboratively designed in parallel with Deliverables 1 and 2, and reviewed by Double Eye before committing to the final cost and duration of developing the front end.

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