Case Studies : 250gram

The 250gram Website

“In today’s digital world, many of us spend a lot of time snapping away on our phone cameras, taking countless pictures, and uploading the best ones to a social-network without the intention of ever turning ‘pixel into paper’. While our team happen to be a curious bunch of digital natives who love the immediacy of digital photography as much as the next, we began to realize that nothing quite compared to a traditional print, or the nostalgic feelings invoked from paging through a lovingly curated family album.”

The site integrates with Instagram, allows users to select photos for print, processes payments and generates PDFs in order to print photos.

Deliverables for this project include:

√ HTML Implementation
√ Instagram integration
√ Paygate integration
√ Static CMS website
√ Administration area for general CMS functionality and order processing
√ PDF Generator

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